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Enter a name and email address below and we'll send your friend an offer to try Identity Guard® FREE for 3 months. Membership ends once their 3-month trial is completed.

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Now that peace of mind is second nature to you, give it to someone you care about.

You care about your friends and family just as they are-so help them stay strong against the identity thieves who try to change who they are.

Take a moment to send this exclusive offer, FREE 3-month trial of Identity Guard® Good Start®, which includes:

  • Daily credit bureau file monitoring
  • Monthly account activity summaries
  • Activity alerts to help verify credit bureau inquiries
  • Unlimited toll-free access to identity theft specialists

Help your friends and family stay safe from identity theft. It's quick, easy and there are no obligations. There's also no limit to how many friends you can refer — so you can help keep all of your friends and family safe.

We respect your friends' privacy. We will not use or sell their information for any reason other than to notify them about this program. Please read our privacy policy.